Helping an Egyptian Student with Medical Bills

“We’re hoping we’ll see her back in the U.S., whether in Akron or somewhere else, for treatment.”

Lamise feels the same: “I feel that maybe this is for the best. Maybe I need to go home to reset and maybe find other options and maybe we can work on the fund as well that will make it more sustainable to support more procedures.”

Lamise has a job lined up with a nonprofit in Egypt that works with people in wheelchairs. She has kept in touch with her manager, who told her she had a job whenever she returned to Egypt.

In preparation for Lamise’s departure, Michelle Wilson, executive director of Global Ties, a local nonprofit organization that hosts international exchanges and has been serving as the fiscal agent for Team Lamise’s fundraising, has been working with the team to figure out what to do with the funds and any potential new donations.

Team Lamise has raised nearly $103,000 through a GoFundMe account and other community fundraisers. The money has been used for Lamise’s medical treatments, in addition to some limited insurance and charity care given by the Boston hospital. The team is working to convert the remaining $69,000 to create a Born Beautiful Team Lamise Fund, which could have some funds reserved for Lamise if she can return to the U.S. for more medical treatments, as well as money for the care of Akron-area children with facial differences like Lamise.

Lamise could participate in decision-making for those funds to be shared, and potentially could mentor those children, if she returns, Wilson said.

“There still would be some money set aside (for Lamise,) but at the same time, Lamise would be able to share that money that the community that so thoughtfully donated to assist children with their needs,” said Wilson.

Monetary donations are still being accepted via the GoFundMe at or checks or correspondence for Lamise can be sent to  For Team Lamise to Global Ties Akron, For Team Lamise, P.O. Box 1762, Akron, OH 44309-1762

Wilson said it’s “heart-wrenching that she has to leave at this time. We would love to have been having a different ending at this point: to have her staying here working in the U.S. and continuing with the medical procedures, but we strongly feel that God has different plans at this moment in time.

“When the time is right, I personally feel strongly that she’ll be back in the U.S., whether it be for medical procedures and or following up with another degree or it could be the right job will present itself.

“This community has become such a strong family to Lamise that we will see her again in Akron, Ohio.”

Source: Akron Beacon Journal

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